The Essence of Our Logo

There is meaning that could be interpreted from the Creative Definitions logo. We were meticulous in considering what symbolisms our logo could consist of, and we present all that we have come up with here. 

The semblance of a thumbprint pays homage to the skills and dedication of the artisans with whom we collaborate. It is through the works of the weavers that make our vision and mission possible, which is to establish a sustainable business. It benefits our company as well as its partner weaving communities. 

In our logo, each line symbolizes each single thread that makes up the whole body of a handwoven fabric. The different colors represent the power and creativity of people of diverse backgrounds. These people all come together to help each other, and this reminds us that we cannot do things alone.

If you observe, the shape of our logo is also reminiscent of a cocoon, which symbolizes at the moment of the new normal that is affecting the world today. It reminds us that all things start at home, and that we should make it comfortable again. For many, it has become an experience of home-coming, wherein the family has again become a center of love and understanding.

In its entirety, the logo basically tells the journey our family has undergone, and will continue to undergo, to reach where we want to be with our goals and aspirations.