The Big Companies' Dilemma with the Shift

Big Brands and Natural Materials

Big companies receive a lot of backlash when they use synthetic materials for their products, especially those in the fashion industry. However, many people fail to notice just how difficult it is for these companies to shift into using natural and more environmentally friendly materials. 

The sudden wave of consciousness that is washing over people nowadays is supported by the internet. Many others are taking advantage of the connection it allows us to have with others to bring up the conversation on the environment. A lot of the currently popular brands, however, have risen without as much exposure towards environmental issues, since they have existed before the internet was first opened to the public in the 90’s. We cannot fully blame them for starting out on what we think is the wrong path now, which is pursuing the use of natural materials, if the use of synthetic materials back then was not as frowned upon. 

That being said, just because it is more difficult for bigger brands to make the required shift does not mean that they should avoid taking the endeavor to do so at all. Everyday, people and other living creatures suffer from the effects of climate change brought upon by the processing and the use of nonbiodegradable materials. Clean resources needed for survival are more difficult to get by, and for those who are relying solely on the environment for survival are suffering even more.

For a long time, people have been sticking to the idea of recycling items made by synthetic materials to solve the issue of climate change. Although it is good to acknowledge the effort put into recycling synthetic materials and the effects of it, this does not directly tackle the source of the problem at all. Instead, we focus on eliminating the production of synthetic materials in the first place. To do so, natural materials should be the alternative used instead. These fibers are biodegradable and are produced without emitting as much of a carbon footprint from the right source. Making use of natural fibers will also support the farmers gathering these resources. 


The Shift

With the standards for how to run a company changing, these big companies have aims other than altering the resources they use for production. They also need to resolve issues such as how they treat their workers, as well as the environment they put their employees in. It is no wonder why it is taking a while, still, for them to pursue naturally sourced materials. I think that their other achievements related to sustainability need to be recognized as well so that they can be motivated to strive for more. For now, though, it is good as consumers to support more sustainable brands.