Hablon Comfo-Seal Face Mask, Small

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The Hablon COMFO-SEAL face mask was specially designed with both the wearer’s comfort and safety in mind, while providing a continuous source of income to our partner artisan communities and local cotton producers. So when you purchase this mask, you’re actually providing support to several people.

In designing the mask, we had to take several functionalities in mind.  First, we considered the comfort in breathing. Most masks are hard to breath because of the small space at front. We solved this problem by creating a “box-like” space fronting the nose and mouth by utilizing some smart geometry in the sewing process. This unique shape makes the mask not only easier to breath with, it also creates a better seal around the face for better protection.

We provided a nose wire clip and ear loop lock for added comfort to the wearer.

 The mask is made of three layers, providing sufficient protection against any airborne microbes. The outer layer Hablon fabric is made of 100% cotton and handwoven by our partner weavers in Negros, while the the inner layers are mainly made of upcycled poly-cotton fabrics which also provides extra income to the sewers we support.