Gloria Fabric, 30 inches width

Gloria Fabric, 30 inches width

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Creative Definitions partners with Negros 9 to make high quality, hand woven cotton fabric. Hand Weaving is a traditional skill passed down through generations.

Creative Definitions works with weaving communities to ensure that they are fairly paid for their work. Whenever we buy garments made with hand woven fabric, we are helping families and communities to forge a path out of poverty, by ensuring valuable, traditional livelihoods do not disappear. Hand looms do not require electricity and are carbon neutral.

Creative Definition develops new fabric designs with different weaving communities. Our beautiful handwoven fabrics are used for dresses, skirts and jackets. Hand woven, 100% cotton fabrics are breathable. Fabric woven by hand has slight color variations and slubs, adding a unique quality to the cloth and garment.

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